0 to100 m.p.h. in 14 seconds in a HR Holden

by Eldred Norman


Chapter 1 What is Supercharging?
Chapter 2 Types of Superchargers
Chapter 3 Why Supercharge? Why not a general "work over?"
Chapter 4 Supercharging Of "Hot" Motors
Chapter 5 Ignition Timing
Chapter 6 Water As An Anti-Detonant
Chapter 7 The Carburetor - The Fuel Supply
Chapter 8 Driving The Supercharger
Chapter 9 A Clutch For The Supercharger
Chapter 10 Fitting A Supercharger

This is a special Technical Info article, reprinted from the original (and rare!) book that was supplied with superchargers purchased from Eldred Norman, Aussie racing legend and manufacturer of Norman Superchargers.

Although not a common method of modifying an FE or FC, the theory and information about fuel induction, carburettion and so on is fascinating. Many thanks to Tony (IhadaV8) for obtaining the book and providing it to us. Tony in turn thanks Mike Norman, for supplying a copy of his father's book.

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Important Note: This document is intended as a guide for those persons interested in repairing or modifying their vehicle. The FE-FC Holden Car Clubs of Australia take no responsibility and accept no liability for the information contained herein. You must ensure that all work carried out and/or modifications made to your vehicle are legal in your state, and we recommend you contact an engineer or your local Traffic Authority for further information.

If you have a technical question about repairs or maintenance on your FE or FC, please post a question on our Discussion Forum.

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