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The following questions were posed via email:

Could you please clarify the clothing size measurements.

For example, the entrant shirt size M quotes a chest size of 52. What is the 52?? centremetres, inches?? if inches that seems too large, if centremetres then too small.

Also, could you clarify why M on entrants shirt = 52 but promotional M size is 56 chest,cambray shirt M is 59, Jacket M is 62.5??

Also, what is "Half Chest"

Just want to make sure we get the right size :-)

 ... and good questions they are.

 All the shirt sizes are quoted as "half-chest" measurement, in centimetres. Half-chest is a standard measure for clothing, and refers to the distance from one armpit to the other when the garment is laid flat. This page explains it well.

Even though most of the merchandise has been ordered from a single manufacturer, the sizes of the various garments differ, as you may have noted. That is the exact reason why we have gone to the trouble of showing the half-chest measurements, and not just S, M, L, XL etc. Work out your half-chest measurement from a shirt you own that fits you comfortably, and you can be sure you're ordering the correct size.

Hope that helps!

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