FE-FC Holden Car Club of South Australia Inc.

FE - FC Holden Nationals Perth 2012

Our club run to Perth, Western Australia.

These photo's are from Sunday to Thursday.

To general public this may seem a simple trip to Perth Western Australia but for our club members going to Perth this has been 2 years of planning.

To drive 50+ year old cars 2,800km there and 3,600km for sight seeing on the way home has been a major undertaking in planning and prepartations.

Just think for a moment about the jouney.

Fuel up the car and go, well not really .. imagine sitting on the computer and planning where to get fuel and how often and building a car reliable enough to get you there and back.

Most of these cars have 40 litre fuel tanks so planning is essential, creature comforts were not huge 50 years ago.

To some we seem fanatical but to us we are just people who are proud of our Australian Holden cars from a by gone era and the interest we create with the viewing public

The photo's from our trip to the west.