FE-FC Holden Car Club of South Australia Inc.

FE - FC Holden Nationals Hobart 2014

Our club run to Hobart, Tasmania.

The story so far.

The well planned trip started well departing from Paul & Julyann's home at 5.45am to meet up with George &Sandy at Tailem Bend around 7.15am.

We were travelling well (Craig & Tracey, Jim & Andrea and Julyann & Myself), then came the phone call, George had broken down near Monarto and was waiting for the RAA. We arrived at Tailem Bend topped up the fuel, had some breakfast and left for Bordertown. Once we arrived i rang George for an update and found he had just got home from the tow and was in the process of reloading the other car and about to leave.

Geoge & Sandy arrived in Ballarat at about 6.30pm

Some photo's and descriptions below

Just Leaving

At Ballarat Big 4, Golden Point

At Port Melbourne

At Devonport

On the way to Wynyard

At Wynyard

On the way to Cradle Mountain

Devils at Cradle Mountain

On the way to Queenstown to catch the train

At The Wilderness Railway in Queenstown

Craig playing the part of Mr Crotty

On the way to Strahan

At Strahan Harbour