FE-FC Holden Car Club of South Australia Inc.

Beach Cruise from Ikea to Semaphore via Glenelg

Saturday 16th February 2013

We arranged to meet at Ikea Carpark at Adelaide Airport and cruise to Semaphore via Glenelg.

As a gift back to the members it was decided to provide the Fish and Chips. We stopped at West Beach foreshore to eat and watch the sun set.

On the run we had 18 Adults , 4 children, 1 FE and 5 FC's, a Ford, Statesman, a Monaro and a Colorado. We did not expect a large turn out as the temperature was 36 degrees at the start of the run

Big thank you to Craig and Tracey for the organising and also to the members who turned out for the hot event.

The photos.