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Parramatta Speedway

ParraSpeedway Feb2015 Flyer

February 7th 2015: Ted Lowe organised an invite to have our cars on display at the
Speedway 'Sprintcar King of Wings' day.
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Our Cars on Display
7 club members and cars: Ted & Rhonda Lowe; Geoff & Margaret Saul; John & Alana Rapinette; Graham Fuller; Geoff Klimpsch; Jim Copland; and Ron Marshall arrived at 1.30pm for the afternoon and night's entertainment.


During the afternoon we walked the Pits. The Top Big Budget Teams had amazing Transporters and Equipment, lesser teams were doing it harder. The Sprintcars are 410ci V8s of about 900hp, with huge top wing, no differential or electric starter!
ParraSpeedway Feb2015 011ParraSpeedway Feb2015 022
After 4.00pm the Pits closed to spectators, and the track preparation commenced: watering; rolling; working in the surface mud.
(later we found out just how much mud and dust are thrown up)
ParraSpeedway Feb2015 029

As the racing started, and although we were a long way up the grass we were still being covered in mud and dust (look closely at my glasses in photo below). As the sun went down, the track cooled & rolled down and the real racing started (and the dust got more intense).
ParraSpeedway Feb2015 021
ParraSpeedway Feb2015 027

(Although our cars were 'miles away' from the track, at the end of the night, they too were covered in a thin layer of brown dust)

Most of us stayed and watched Ben Atkinson win the A-Main event, apparentely one of the best main events in Valvoline Raceway history!
(and it sure was an exciting finish to the day)

Geoff Klimpsch

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