Camden Australia Day 26 January 2015

Camden Street Parade

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Austalia Day 2015 some of us went to Camden with Rob Shaw and the with the FX-FJ Holden Car Club in lieu of Carnivale in the City.
6 club members with 5 cars then took the opportunity to go in the Camden Street Parade.

Our Cars in the Showground

Geoff Klimpsch and Robert Shaw met up with FX-FJ Holden drive group to Camden at Glenmore Park and Gary Claypole joined in along the drive along Old Northern Road.
We met with Wayne Skuse and (I believe with his new car) Steven Starkey, at the Showground and Sharyn & Craig Jordan having coffee in a main street cafe.

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Many makes of cars and trucks were on display on the showground, and then (in club groups) moved our cars on to the street parade at 11.30am.
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Several other FE-FC's were on display in the park with ours.
CamdenAustDay2015 004CamdenAustDay2015 019
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The run was generally overcast and dry, although there was some misty rain along the way our cars remained dry all day.
CamdenAustDay2015 021

(looking out my bedroom window at 7.00am it looked like our members at Carnivale in the city were getting wet, and on return at 2.30pm nothing had changed - driving to Camden turned out to be a good idea!)

Geoff Klimpsch

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