19th FE-FC Holden Nationals

Entrant Eligibility


The 19th FE-FC Holden Nationals are run by and for members of the FE-FC Holden Car Clubs of Australia. To participate in the event you need to be a member of one of these clubs:

  • FE-FC Holden Car Club of NSW
  • FE-FC Holden Car Club of Victoria
  • FE-FC Holden Car Club of South Australia
  • FE-FC Holden Car Club of Queensland
  • FE-HR Holden Owners’ Club of ACT
  • FE-FC Holden Car Club of Western Australia
  • Classic Holden Car Club Tasmania

... or a member of an officially invited club. Other clubs are welcome to apply for official invitation. Please email nats@fefcholden.org.au to find out more about this process.

Vehicle Eligibility

Members of eligible clubs are welcome to attend with or without an FE/FC. Vehicles that are entered must be legally registered (either full or historic "club plate" registration), and insured. Obviously, vehicles must be either an FE or FC Holden.

Vehicles are classified into the following categories:

  • Stock (or Authentic: Original or Restored)
  • Street (vehicles with mild modification/modernisation)
  • Modified (for significantly modified or customised vehicles).

Further detail and assistance on choosing an appropriate category is available.

All vehicle entrants will nominate their vehicle's class, and can choose to "opt out" of official judging if they wish.