19th FE-FC Holden Nationals


Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Engines!


We're a year out from the event, so now's the time to book your accommodation in Broken Hill. All venues* are now accepting bookings.

Note that we are not having a particular Nationals HQ location. There is no single accommodation venue big enough to hold all attendees, and there are accommodation options in the town to suit every possible preference and budget. If you received a Nats goodie bag through your club, you'll find a document in there with a listing of accommodation options. Broken Hill Council have also provided a similar PDF version for you here.

Update: check out this complete guide to Accommodation available as at 3 May 2021.

Otherwise, just google "Broken Hill accommodation", there are caravan parks, AirBnBs, hotels, motels, even farm-stays.


With the recent announcement regarding filming of Mad Max Furiosa in Broken Hill next year, we strongly recommend that you don't delay booking your accommodation. 


* Note: we have heard that the Broken Hill Tourist Park (and possibly one or two other accommodation venues) are saying that "they are not taking bookings because of Mad Max". So at this stage, our advice is don't even bother with the Broken Hill Tourist Park. Should you get this response from anyone else, please use the "Contact" page on this site to let us know the name of the establishment. The Broken Hill Council and Tourist Information Office have already made enquiries about this on our behalf, and would like to know details should anyone get told this.