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Club Registration

New Changes will apply from 1st July 2017

The Club will discuss the changes and then this page will be updated.

Club Registration Code of Practice from 1st july 2017 ->click here

Members Procedures and Responsibilities regarding Conditional Registration

Procedure for financial members continued registration

  1. It is member's responsibility to remain financial at all times whilst on Historic Registration.
  2. The club will not send out individual reminders for members on Historic registration.
  3. All members will be notified prior to the Annual Show N Shine which occurs in March. This is your notice/reminder for Historical Registration renewal.
  4. Membership Fees need to be paid by Members General Meeting in May.
  5. Once fees have been paid, Historic Registration members need to present their proof of financial membership and produce the log book and registration papers for stamping and verification together with a signed Statutory Declaration.
  6. Books will not be processed unless accompanied by the current registration and Statutory Declaration.
  7. Books and registration papers will be processed up until grace period of 31st July.
  8. Any member not paid up after 31 st July will be considered as non-financial.
  9. Non-financial members with Historic Registration will have their names sent to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and be taken off Historic Registration after 31st July which will result in your historic registration being void.

Applying for Historic Registration New Members

STATUTORY DECLARATIONS – Responsibility of all members under the Conditional Registration Scheme

Code of Practice Part 3 Vehicle Eligibility and Approved Variations

Log Books will not be certified by the clubs' authorized person until a Statutory Declaration is received and the required inspection has been performed.


Code of Practice for Historic Vehicles, Prescribed Left Hand Drive Vehicles

and Street Rod Vehicles under The Conditional Registration Scheme - > The Code of Practice 1 July 2012


Statutory Declaration can be downloaded from here-> Statutory Declaration.pdf

Click this link on -> How to find a Justice of the peace

Historic Registration Forms ->Here

Click this link on ->Important Update for Historic Registration at this years Annual Show N Shine



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