Graham's Stock FE - a one family car

Graham Fuller owns this two-tone blue FE Special Sedan. It is all original, and has been in the Fuller family since new, purchased new by Graham's father in 1958. This car was awarded Car of the Day by representatives of General Motors Holden at the 13th (50th Anniversary) All Holden Day in 1998.

Graham is currently Vice-President of the club. 

Graham's FE Sedan


Graham's FE Sedan

Some older images... Much older! The baby in the photo below left is the young lady in the topmost image ;-)

Photo courtesy of NRMA's "The Open Road" magazine Side profile

Graham frequently displays this car, and it has won quite a few trophies over the years.  It has never been pulled apart, and much of the duco is still original.  It's a very well looked after motor-car.

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