Greg's Stock FC

This is an early 1959 FC, painted in its original colours of Crystal Blue over Cambridge blue.  It runs the standard grey motor, and is all stock mechanically.

Greg has owned it since 2005, and being on historic rego it comes out as often as possible on club runs.  It also has a few
Nasco accessories fitted, such as the visor, mascot, scratch-plates , grille-badge and spats, among others.

 Greg's FC 1

This picture was taken  on a club run to Bobbin Head.

Side profile

This side profile shot shows off the comparitivly rare "series 2" or "mid 59" paint scheme, with the short stainless strip across the "C" pillar allowing for the main colour on the front and roof, and the secondary colour on the insert (or "flash") and the boot area.  The other two schemes just seem to be a lot more common these days.

On the road to Grey Pride
Here's Greg on the Hume Highway, on the road to Grey Pride. 

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