Joe P: MR FC

Joe P. owns this incredible modified FC Sedan. He's owned it since the mid 70s, and was one of the earliest members of our club. From about 1988 until 2001, it sat in the shed while family and business took priority.

But in 2001 the process of rebuilding the car began, and it's been worth the wait. The car has been extensively modified and customised, and is stunning piece of engineering. It runs a Camaro V8 with all the goodies, and is beautifully trimmed throughout in leather.

The car is shown here at its debut, the NSW All Holden Day.

Photo by minifcvan


Here are some more photos, courtesy of Mark P, who's responsible for a lot of the work on the car:

Photo by FC427 

Photo by FC427 

Photo by FC427 

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