John C's Stock FC Sedan

John owns this stock FC Sedan, a late 1959 built vehicle.  It has all the original interior, and was recently fully restored. The car is a regular attendee at club functions and events.

John's Car at Motorex 2006

The car is shown here as part of the club's prize-winning display at Meguiars MotorEx in 2006. The following photos are from a club run to Bobbin Head.

 JC at Bobbin Head


It features the late '59 style paint scheme, with just the "insert" painted with the secondary colour. The interior has both the seat embossing common to late vehicles, but also features a two tone green colour combination, which is very rare.  Most FC Specials have black as  their secondary trim colour.

Accessories on the car include grille-badge, mascot, rear venetian, mud-flaps and sun-visor.

Front View

Grey Pride 2007

Here's John with his FC, at Grey Pride 2007 

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