Rusty's FE Sedan

Rusty owns a modified FE Business Sedan, and is in the process of restoring a rare FE Special Station Sedan. He writes:


The car is pretty unique in a mysterious way as it is tagged as FE217 S4 which makes it a 1956 Model and possibly one of the oldest FEs in our club. [That ID tag literally means it is the 4th Sydney-built FE Business Sedan.] It seems (according to the person who built the car) that the tag was removed while it was being built and painted and was put back with different rivets.The car has slight mods: a HR front (with discs) and HR rear drums which helps it stop quickly and in a straight line.


The engine remains stock apart from a set of extractors, however there are plans to enlarge the engine. The colour is "Larkspur Blue" with a metal flake.This too will be looked at sometime in the future.The seats were reupholstered by John Denniss for the Phillip Island Nats in Blue with Grey inserts and this has made a real difference to travel comfort and the way the car looks.

FC Wagon Trolleys

Rusty & Rosalyn are grandparents to twin boys, and for their 1st birthdays they received these fantastic trolleys. And no, they're not taking orders ;-)

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