Wayne's FE Sedan

Wayne owns this single-tone grey FE Special Sedan, and is its second owner. It was in pretty good original condition when he bought it, but over the years it has been gradually restored to its current award-winning condition.

Wayne's FE at Mt Panorama


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The car was also used in the filming of the ABC TV's Agony Aunts with Clive Robertson.

Agony Aunts

The following is from the ABC's site:

The Car

Photo courtesy ABC

The car that Clive drives the Agony Aunts around in is a 1957 FE Holden. It has been beautifully restored by it's current owner, Wayne, a member of the FE FC Holden Car Club of NSW. He has owned it for nearly 5 years and has spent about $15,000. Wayne is only the second owner. As he explains, "When I brought the car it was owned by an elderly lady who lived in Parramatta. Due to her health she had to stop driving. She had her relation sell the car for her as she did not want to part with it but she stipulated that the car was not to be sold to a young person as she wanted someone who would keep the car original. She had it for sale for around 6 months and had a lot of interest but would not sell. I found the car through the car club. I have enjoyed driving and restoring it and meeting new people through the car club and car shows." 

Photo courtesy ABC 

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