Col's Modified FE

Col's FE at the Tramway MuseumColin Allsopp is member #1 of our club, and has owned this mild-looking but tuff FE Sedan for many years. Apart from a Jag filler cap on the driver's side, this car looks quite stock. It is equipped with a red motor, 4-speed, long-range fuel tank and plenty of other trimmings. Colin is a regular participant in club events, especially now that his FE is back on the road after a long (15 year!) lay-up. She was completed within hours of our departure for the FE-FC Holden Nationals, where she made her triumphant return in style.

Lang LangWith 14" rims and a 2.78 diff, 100mph around the curved track of Lang Lang was no problem at all. ;-)

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