Because many FE-FC enthusiasts and club members are members of the                     FE-FC Holden Forum    we'll be discussing information about the event there. If you have any enquiries regarding the                         14th Nationals      please post them on the Forum and we will endeavour to answer them as quickly as possible.This site will provide most of the information you'll need to know and links to other relevant sites.

14th Nats Board

FE-FC Holden Forum

FE-FC Holden Car Club of WA

The last Nats were held in 2010, at Orange NSW. There's a lot of history, rules and details on the 13th Nats Official site.





Vintage Caravans at the Nats

With the increasing popularity of  Vintage Caravans amongst FE & FC owners we are inviting all owners of vintage caravans to join us on Saturday in Supreme Court Gardens. In conjuction with our Show & Shine we will have a display of Vintage Caravans for the public to admire.

An invitation and further details will be posted on the Vintage Caravans Forum

For those FE & FC owners attending the Nationals with a caravan there will be trailer & caravan parking available at the Country Comfort.  If you wish to stay in your caravan the nearest caravan park is just 4km away at Central Caravan Park.



Vintage Caravans Forum             

Central Caravan Park