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Title: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: Geoff Mc Donald on July 18, 2002, 10:12:02 AM
Ive just bought a 57 FE Ute.It is 98% complete.I want to Know what type of drivers side mirror it should have and where i can get one.Also would like info on where i can get an exterior sunvisor to suit.
     Regards geoff

Title: me smallRe: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: fcvan on July 18, 2002, 01:58:20 PM
hey geoff.  If you want an original I'm not sure exactly what they were like, but I purchased from Rare Spares a pair of curved arm mirrors( 4 inch I think) that grub screw to what ever position on the door leading edge. These are the only type I have really seen.
Hope this is of some help.

Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: FCwagon on July 19, 2002, 12:17:12 AM
Nasco made a number of accessory mirrors. You can see the ute one at the Nasco area in the tech section http://www.fefcholden.org.au/techinfo/nasco/trimstyle/mirror_fm.html
I had this mirror on the wagon & if mounted to the rear of the guard is able to be adjusted from inside the car. It's fairly compact and doesn't lend itself to being knocked around by passers by.  Don't bother with one of these for the left side though as you're flat out seeing any of the mirror let alone what's behind. There is another mirror with a longer stem which is worth considering too.

Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: RET on July 19, 2002, 02:49:36 AM
The grub-screw mounting mirror that fcvan referred to can be seen at http://www.fefcholden.org.au/techinfo/nasco/trimstyle/mirror_dm.html

I think they're a better idea than the fender mount, as you can adjust the height of the mirror by mounting it further up the door-frame if that turns you on.

They also don't require any drilling.....


Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: gree on July 19, 2002, 08:42:33 AM

just wondering if mirrors were actually fitted as standard? i owned an eh ute and it didnt have any mirrors, and i got from an old farmer guy in original condition. also some friends owned some fc and ek utes, and i don't remember them having external mirrors either.

my fc sedan never had one, and it was registered for years without. i just put one on a couple of years ago...

just curious.....

Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: mcl1959 on July 19, 2002, 09:22:21 AM
According to the GMH parts book, FE to EJ utes and vans (my parts book only goes up to EJ) all had a fender mounted rear view mirror as standard equipment.
Part number for FE to FC is 7384468.
Vans especially needed an external rear view mirror as they were not fitted with an interior rear view mirror!
The door mounted mirror and LHS fender mirror were Nasco accessories.

Where to get one - advertise here or in a club newsletter, attend a swap meet or be at the Victorian club's auction/swap day - August 18th


Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: gree on July 19, 2002, 09:27:52 AM
thanks ken

i guess by the time me and my friends got to these vehicles, someone decided they were too tough for a mirror; the mount holes must have been welded up. i thought it was odd that they wouldn't have one....

Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: RET on July 20, 2002, 01:08:40 AM
I find this very odd.  I'm not doubting Ken the Guru, but I've seen heaps of utes without side-mirrors.  I understand the logic of making a side-mirror standard equipment on a van, since as Ken says, they didn't have a rear-view (internal) mirror fitted.  But the utes had the internal mirror, did they not?

Take this image here as an example:

from http://www.slv.vic.gov.au/pictoria/a/4/3/doc/a43600.htm

This thing is an FC ute, as bog-stock as it can be, judging by the painted tail-lights etc. It has no wing-mirror.



Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: fe_buster on July 20, 2002, 09:33:29 AM
Hey RET that is one rare ute!  Left hand drive!   :o I think your image has been flip-floped before printing so you can't see the side mirror anyway. Ken i have in front of me a photo of my fathers FE ute dated june 1964 and it has a long curved arm clamp on mirror.I also have a photo of an FC ute I breefly owned it has no mirror.I am not a douting thomas as these utes could have holes that cant be seen in photo.I had a neat looking mirror on my FE when i got it. It was rectangle shape, larger at top than bottom,chrome die cast,screwed to door.

Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: Geoffs FE Ute on July 20, 2002, 09:04:08 PM
Thanks for the feedback regarding the mirror.The only reason i want one is because the car has to be re-registered and i am sure i would need one for a roadworthy.
Regards Geoff

Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: mcl1959 on July 21, 2002, 09:03:41 AM
This took some tracking down !!!!!!!!! :P :P

First I looked in that advertising booklet brought out by the NSW club and found that some of the pictures showed utes with mirrors and some didn't.  What interested me though was that the Victorian ads showed utes with mirrors and the NSW ads showed them without. ???

Then I started hunting through the FC ute sales brochure.  And there it is !!!!!!!!!!!! :D

RET -  you're right - NSW UTES don't have mirrors !!!!

Here is the text from the FC ute and van sales brochure word for word
"An externally located rear view mirror is fitted in Victoria and Western Australia to comply with State regulations"

Thats why every ute you guys see up there has no mirror while every ute I see down her has one  ;)

RET - there is a great picture of the mirror for Geoff to see in the advertising booklet you guys brought out.  Maybe you could post a piccy.


Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: normd on July 21, 2002, 09:29:00 AM
        I have just been to an auction today on a farm. There  was an FC Ute there . Drivers side had a NASCO screw on mirror , no evidence of any other being there .  The Ute is in pretty bad shape , but the new owner of the property purchased it at the sale.
      I have told him about this site , so we'll have one more person looking for parts here in the future

Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: RET on July 23, 2002, 05:37:31 AM
fe_buster: You know I never even noticed that the photo had been reversed until you pointed it out! Doh!  Blame the SLV for that...

Ken:  Isn't that fascinating?  We've all learned something.  I found that same text appears in the FE brochure as well.  As far as the pix are concerned, all the images in the TechInfo section are from that Accessory book.  I've linked all the images here:

"Come back" Mirror (p/n M31323)

Door-Mounted Mirror (p/n 7404690)

Fender Mounted (p/n M31933 (LH) M31934 (RH))

All the Nasco accessories can be found at http://www.fefcholden.org.au/techinfo/nasco/index.html


[edit: I don't know why those images refused to show, so I've changed the links to the pages instead of the pix]

Title: Re: FE Ute Exterior mirror
Post by: ACE on July 23, 2002, 07:33:54 AM
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